Capacity Building

Echanges SARW, societe civile et deputes nationaux sur les amendements au code des hydrocarbures

En date du 16 octobre 2013, les organisations de la société civile impliquées dans les questions des ressources naturelles ont reçu vingt Députés nationaux à l’hôtel Sultani de Kinshasa. L’objet des échanges était la discussion sur les amendements proposés par la société civile sur la proposition de loi relative au régime général des hydrocarbures.

Training for women in the natural resources sector

October 08th, 2013

Training for women in the natural resources sector. 35 women from civil society, parliament, government and public sector will gather in Kinshasa for a training on issues relating to natural resources governance. The Congolese minister of gender will also attend the meeting.

SARW Date: 
Monday, October 21, 2013 - 10:45 to Friday, October 25, 2013 - 20:15

UN Convention to Combat Desertification

The Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa, ENDA, Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW) and the UNOPS/Equator Initiative are collaborating on a 3-year, multifaceted initiative – funded by UNDP and GEF – to tackle the challenges that have prevented civil society organisations and local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa from actively participating in sustainable land management (SLM) processes – and so promote better land use and a better future for all.
The discussion will look at a range of critical issues, including:
SARW Date: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 08:45 to 20:15

Southern Africa media forum on extractive industries

This project seeks to strengthen mass media in southern Africa and increase their coverage of topical issues relating to extractive industries in the region. In this endeavour, the project intends to use innovative media training, coaching and networking to improve the understanding and investigative skills of journalists working in mass media in the region in the field of extractive industries.


Women in Mining

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has endorsed various international initiatives to promote transparency, good governance, and traceability mechanisms in the exploitation of natural resources. But in all these undertakings, the number of women involved in the fight against natural resources poor governance is insignificant.


Barometer on resource governance in SADC

The barometer is being designed as a monitoring tool to support the oversight work of parliament and the activities of civil society. The barometer will be a critical tool in monitoring how governments and both foreign and local companies are managing resources.  SARW is working in partnership with SADC-PF. See the draft document.



Natural Resources and Development (RENA) organisation for the Muanda community

The project seeks to organise, inform and mobilise communities that are affected by mining activities to engage mining companies and governments (local, provincial and national) to ensure that they benefit (socially and economically) from the extraction and commercialisation of resources.



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