Parliamentary workshop Malawi mines and minerals bill review

May 08th, 2015 to May 10th, 2015

The government of Malawi is in the process of reviewing the Mines and Minerals Act of 1981. Parliament is expected to debate and pass the Bill this year.  SARW, CFJ and SADC-Parliamentary Forum are organising a training session for members of the Natural Resources and Climate Change Parliamentary Committee on the Draft Mines and Minerals Bill. The main goal of the training is to enhance parliament oversight capacity on extractive industries. It is expected that after this training, members of parliament would understand what is contained in the Bill and its potential impact on the development of Malawi.

It is imperative that the Malawi Parliament plays an active role in the review of the Mines and Minerals Act as a way of establishing a stringent regulatory framework that will guide the management and governance of extractive industries in the country for the benefit of its citizens and public service spending. As with many African parliaments, previous parliaments of Malawi sat on the side lines as the executive decided unilaterally how resources should be managed. The new parliament is determined to play its oversight role over the executive in all matters including the extractive industries. This project will help build the capacity of MPs to analyse the Mines and Minerals Act and other policy and legal instruments that regulate the extractive industries in Malawi. It will also help MPs in Malawi to provide recommendations to government which will help improve the Mines and Minerals Act and ensure that the extractive industry in Malawi is well regulated and responsive to the needs of Malawians.